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As a solution-focused coach, I will accompany you on your quest in establishing an empowered and effective professional environment. Identifying your own value system and motivation are crucial in the creation and presentation of an authentic image. You can’t work on something if you are not aware. People who are seeing me ask questions such as how to be more self-aware and how to move towards high credibility and authenticity.

First, we will mutually clarify your goals and expectations of the coaching in a preliminary conversation. You will always remain the author and driver of your coaching sessions. My goal-oriented questions will allow you to explore different perspectives. The lucid acknowledgement of your inner strengths and drivers, as well as the design of the possible range of solutions, will enable you to make adequate and effective solution-oriented decisions.

Through my experience in the Advisory Board, Supervisory Board and especially as a member of a family of entrepreneurs, I am very well acquainted with and knowledgeable in the many unspoken nuances that apply in a family-run business and will thus be able to meet you on an eye-to-eye level.

Positioning one’s own company within a family is often a challenge. Family is always a valuable base, but also a determining factor. Through a reflective coaching session, you will acquire insights and the attitude that will enable you to realize a vision, both for the company and your own life. As a successor, you will be able to access your strengths to reach your highest potential and establish your sovereignty while living your own identity.

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