recognize. reflect. action.

The lucid acknowledgement of your inner strengths and drivers, as well as the design of the possible range of solutions, will enable you to make adequate and effective solution-oriented decisions.


Go for it,
before others do.

I was born into a family business as a member of the third generation. This has had a great impact on shaping my life and I now form a part of the people, whose desire to pass on experiences, has become a vocational mission.


A family, especially a family of entrepreneurs, is not a homogenous structure. Certainly not, even if several generations have been in the game or a family-foreign management has been incorporated. There can be very different personalities, perspectives and points of view.


Transcending from one generation to the next is one of the biggest challenges. The family bears a shared responsibility for the company, the employees and the family capital. At the same time, it must uphold traditional values and be able to guide management to comply with them. It is therefore essential to set forth the right course at an early stage and intervene accordingly if the company is to stay on track while drawing the family together.

More about me

coaching. mentoring. consulting.

Family is always a valuable base, but also a determining factor. Through a reflective coaching session, you will acquire insights and the attitude that will enable you to realize a vision, both for the company and your own life.


Corporate culture and dealing with company history

Conflict resolution

Processing of internal conflicts and overcoming conflict fears

Personality development

What are you passionate about? Strength analysis and stress testing

Professional development

Career changes and development of personal goals

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